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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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factor." good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, hillary clinton has not one, but two coughing fits on the campaign trail. will her next campaign stop be the emergency room? just asking the question. and a high school may stop having a valedictorian because it is too competitive. you will have to open up the locker and let the kid out. and a man dies and puts his big breasted mannequins up for auction. we'll ask tom shillue how it is holding up. best of luck with the bid.
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>> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is a real life gossip girl, fox 4-1-1 host, diana faldone. and he looks like the poster child for child security locks, host of the sam roberts show on sire -- siriusxm, sam roberts. will you love her name, initially. fox news national security analyst kc mcfarland. and his best friend is a volleyball named wilson. we wrote that when your beard was longer. sitting next to me, comedian and master beardsman joe devito. let's start the show. nothing can stop hillary clinton in the quest for the white house except pollen. clinton is blaming her coughing attacks on labor day on an allergic reaction to pollen. here is clinton during a speech in ohio. >> and i want to thank
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congresswoman marcia fudge for hosting us. [coughing]. >> as you can see the pollen levels on that day were extremely high. they were low to moderate. they were nothing to sneeze about. andrew dared to report on clinton's coughing fits and was ridiculed about it. clinton's traveling press secretary wrote, dear andrew, get a life. thanks, nick. jonathon insisting the story ain't news. others taunted the reporter telling him to, quote, delete your career. clinton who hasn't held a news
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conference since december finally took questions from reporters on her plane. the reporters pounced at the opportunity. >> how was your labor day weekend? >> are you ready? >> do you have a labor day message? >> let's see how she handles the tougher questions like a new cnn poll where trump is ahead of her . >> i've never been on it. >> what do you think of the cnn poll? >> we'll come back. we'll come back. we're saying good morning. >> we'll come back. perfect. nice press conference. >> what do you think, sam? >> she'll come back. she is still back there. she has to go back and get her stuff. i don't even know where to begin. she is blaming a pollen allergy on a coughing fit when the other coughing fit she went into was on the plane. it is hermedically sealed.
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there is no spot further away than the pollen. and then when the guy says hey man, get a life. are your campaign workeries like 80s high school mean girls? get a life? >> twitter trolls. i cover entertainment and i hear this is not news from every egg shell. when it comes to the presidential candidate it is nerve -- nerve-wracking to think is there something wrong with her? there are spores on the plane. >> i saw that movie, spores on a plane. >> i drink that stuff made by a teacher. >> it messes up your stomach. >> airborne. i drink airborne all the time. i don't think it works. >> placebo effect. >> definitely. >> are you getting awfully excited. >> diana she said she had to take more antihistamine. does that help with brain tumors?
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just wondering. >> whoa! that's jumping the gun here conspiracy theorist. i think maybe she has a respiratory infection. i will not go to the brain tumor and perhaps she needs a really strong antibiotic and mucinex, but i am not a practicing physician. i am just a reporter. >> it brings down swelling which -- a tumor is swelling. >> i was saying for a friend. it had nothing to do with hillary. joe, here is the question. if you are on a plane with hillary clinton. >> with one parachute? >> wouldn't you be inclined to ask her questions about labor day and things like that? >> you ask the softball questions and best case scenario it is one of those movies where the alien catches a cold and it saves us from a horrible future. we know hillary won't have something stuck in her throat. that was monica's job.
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20 years in the making for that joke. >> have you been white something. >> i have with bated breath. that joke has been in a time capsule. >> i don't want to start rumors about her health, but she coughs a lot, right? it wasn't just on labor day. >> the evidence is clear. >> i am not saying it is a major thing, but can we have a president who is always coughing like that, kt? >> all i can think of in the 1970s he stumbled once when he was coming off the helicopter on the white house lawn. then they say he is not smart enough to be president. he has a medical issue and balance issue. >> chevy chase stumbled -- >> his whole career. somehow we are not allowed to ask hillary clinton about this. anybody who talks about it is then chastised to say get a
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life . we have two presidential candidates approaching 70 years old. we need to foe what their medical records are. not any details in great specifics, but more than two paragraphs. >> she had an issue with tim kaine. >> i want to know where tim kaine was when he was clapping behind her like this. if i had a coughing fit on the air what would you do? you would probably take over and help out. tim kaine, come on! >> she has a point. >> could tim kaine have stepped in to help? she back there. >> this is a man who will step into the shoes of somebody who wants to be president of the united states and he will be ready to be president and he can't step up and grab the mic? a gentleman would have done that. you -- i know me.
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>> if the vice presidential nominee jumped in for the presidential nominee it would not have quelled the rumors that hillary clinton is dying. >> it happened alt too easily. a little too easily. >> you make a good point. he was probably reluctant. she should excuse herself saying i need to put in a lozenge. >> i bet they have a plan for next time. >> there will be a next timing hypothetically. >> don't go away. >> she is coughing all the time and then -- >> she needs to do what beyonce did which is take vocal rest. this is the worst time, but maybe just a couple hours. >> if this happens in the middle of a commander-in-chief debate on wednesday night and she has a coughing fit it will be a serious issue. >> she doesn't want to take
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antihistamines. >> she can take a tumble. >> can the clinton foundation get a humidifier for them? >> both of them are so dry. the clintons are so dry. >> put a pan of water on the radiator. that's what i do. before we move on i want to show the hillary coughing video. gentleman >> thank you for hosting us. [laughing]. >> why is that palatable? >> i play this out right and i may be president real soon. she is incapacitated. are we ready for a tim kaine president? >> you are doom and gloom here. >> we are reporting.
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if you get on the internet there are all of these things about her eyes and her focus and i don't know what to believe. >> i don't know what to believe. we will see soon god forbid if something terrible happens. >> god forbid. in all seriousness we do not want a constitutional crisis in this country. >> diana is right. beyonce was able to survive this and she is queen b. >> she canceled a show due to vocal rest. >> hillary needs to rest. >> for two terms. >> you don't have to give the money back at the fundraiser if you don't show up because you are sick? >> i don't think you do. >> she doesn't like giving money back. >> she will just cough through it. >> moving on, on saturday when president obama arrived in china he exited not on the red carpeted stairs that the chai nice provide -- the chinese provided, but folded metal
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stairs from what is known as the ass of the plane. it is a journalist thing. donald trump agreed it was no big deal. >> they won't even give him proper stairs. we have pictures of others and they are going down with a beautiful red carpet. obama is coming down a metal staircase. have i to tell you. i have to tell you i would say i respect you a lot, let's close the doors and let's get out of here. it is a sign of such disrespect. >> here is more proof the u.s. has become the rodney dangerfield of countries. this week president obama scrapped a meeting with his filipino counterpart. this was after he said he would not stand for a lecture on human rights by obama. saying who is he to confront me? do not just throw away questions and statements. son of a whore i will talk to
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you in that forum. sam, let's go to trump. he thought it was disrespectful he didn't have the red carpet treatment. >> it is disrespectful and you do need a president with a certain amount of machi -- machismo. axel rose when he is the biggest rock star in the world. if things weren't going ax sell sell -- axel rose's way he wouldn't go home. he would sit in the tour bus and let people think the show was going on. they would sit and wait for hours. the president needs to sit in that parked plane until red carpeted stairs -- i don't care if it takes two days. >> i was going to laugh at sam, but kc, are you an expert. >> first of all -- welcome to the club. what the president should have
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said is i am looking for my stairs. i am not getting off the plane until the stairs show up. this is a large country and you cannot find a set of stairs. stairs don't come and to his national security advisor. let's call the tower and we would like to depart. you play chicken and they show up with the stairs or the president leaves. and then the chinese can explain why the president of the united states was not given enough dignity. the reason this is important is because that picture of obama coming out the backside of the plane went viral over asia. it is called having face. you don't want to look embarrassed.
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obama was humiliated and they say we the chinese are the new rising world power. the president of the united states, the united states is a declining world power. we can force him off the back of the plane. we don't accord him the proper dignity as we do the rest of the g20 summit. >> i heard you don't go anywhere without a red carpet. >> it is hard not to agree with what they were saying. you look meager. you are losing your power as one of the most powerful men in the world. he should have stayed on that plane and not gotten off even if there are snakes. >> on obama said they were playing it cool. what do you think? >> he is weak. >> i ask first of all does the carpet match the drapes.
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>> it is red china. >> that would not have happened to the donald. he would have looked even more impressive. >> trump would come with his open. >> as jt summed up, it looks bad and these are countries it is important stuff to them. a little dig goes a long way and he can't wait to play into stuff like that. >> he did refuse to visit the philippines. i think he should have let him finish. he was saying son of a horticultural service. he was referring to his mother. ambassador bolton said obama was wise to cancel the meeting.
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philippines need us more than we need the philippines. what he is trying to do is machismo man. everybody is taking a skype out of -- swipe out of obama. the other thing he is trying to do is cozy up to the chinese. now the philippines are humiliating him. >> what do they have to cozy up to china for? >> that's because of the south china sea and the audience being built. osama bin laden said it best. a man has a choice, a weak horse or a strong horse. who is the man gonna choose? the strong horse. the philippines are looking around saying who is the weak horse or the strong horse? the strong horse got out of the ass on the plane. >> i like to use osama bin laden to quote.
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>> that's your quote of the day. >> what i think was interesting was he apologizes if son of a whore was a personal attack. don't take it personally. i think he regretted it. >> i would have gotten the list out. >> what is that conversation. >> they have seen how this administration treats our friends and allies and they do not do a good job. over the weekend trump visited the neighborhood where ben carson grew up. here is carson talking about the visit. >> in order for our country to be great every aspect has to be great including our inner cities. >> i asked him how did it go and a he said great. >> my luggage.
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hold on. >> he will try to find his luggage and we will be right back. >> that's how hillary should have ended that. don't worry. carson found his luggage. >> can i show the real pic please. that's if t it. that's it. he is a doctor. >> he is a doctor. >> do you think this trip did trump well and hanging out with ben carson? >> not in that particular time. it is interesting what trump is doing that people are making fun. if this does something it is doubled the total he was pulling in before. what do you think?
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he goes to the black community and says it can't hurt, right? >> trump is quickly becoming the people's princess. he is reaching to all socioeconomic classes and i give him kudos for that. the war on value law district for yens. it is school board verses nerds next. comfort food...
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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let's get comfortable with our food again. live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. trump university is back in the news. questions are being raised about a $25,000 donation trump's charity made to support the re-election of pam bondy in 2013. later florida didn't join
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other states in investigating flawed complaints against trump university. trump said he never spoke to bondy, but the spokeswoman said he did. bondy meantime said the timing was coincidental. they call new york home, but neither donald trump nor hillary clinton will attend ceremonies at ground zero. the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. both presidential candidates pledged not to campaign on that day. after a seven-week summer break they face the task of containing the zika virus. they are blocking a funding package and that's because they want to tack on restrictions on planned parenthood. the house has outlined a federal bill of rights. the bill would ensure that the survivors have a right to a sexual assault kit and to be told of the results and notified that the kit is destroyed.
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as hermine dies down a new threat is on the opposite end of the country. hurricane newton has been pelting baja california's resorts with heavy rain and 90 mile per hour winds. the threat could reach the u.s. forecasters fear the effects will trigger to the southwest. they were once nearly hunted to extinction, but now most humpback whales were taken off the endangered species list. these mammals have recovered due to global conservation efforts. i'm jackie ibanez, log on to >> the great clark school district wants to do away with valedictorians. >> when they are competing with the val and the sal they
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want to try to get the best grades they can get as opposed to taking the course work that is truliy in their own best interest. >> he wants to replace the value law district -- valedictorian with the top 10%. it is a growing national trend. many are saying this is the inevitable result of our everyone gets a trophy culture. look i have a better idea. keep the valedictorian and keep the speech. it is filled with phrases like this is the time of our lives. this is the beginning and not the end. this is not the end -- what is it? my staff made these for me. i think they are beautiful. being the student with the best grades means you deserve praise and maybe a scholarship. it does be mean you de -- it doesn't mean you dooy serve to give a speech -- deserve to give a speech.
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was your valedictorian was one of the mo or least -- the most or least entertaining in the school? one i askeds an example. for. sam, valedictorian, yes or no? >> first you want to say this is tear sal and there should be competition. it is not setting them up for the real world. there is competition in the real world. what nobody understands is these generations are getting old expert world is going to the people who just coast. it is what it is. it is time we acknowledge that. they say the millennial generation will be the first generation that don't do anything. they won't accomplish anything and it's okay. coast through and everything will be fine. they will feel good about themselves.
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>> they will be fine. everybody will coast through and then it will trend throughout the world. >> people like bill gates, steve jobs, they are dropouts, right? >> you don't have to go to college or finish high school to be a successful person. but if you are in high school i do think there should be a valedictorian because darwin would be rolling. it is survival of the fittest. if you work that hard with an excellent gpa you should have the right to give a dumb speech and then conquer the world. >> i think they should keep the valedictorian thing. >> i am mad i was account the val -- i wasn't the valedictorian. >> i wish i was close. it just kind of comes. >> everybody goes to school
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and everybody gets c's. if you show up, you get a c. >> and then they get sea sick. >> devito, they will know anyway. everyone will know who has the highest scores. >> how would you like it if we changed the greater clark school district to the meed yolker -- mediocre school district. the jocks and popular people have the high life. let them be acknowledged for doing it. if you say we salute the top 10%, maybe you were in the top 12. it is nonsense. it is part of the devaluing of sacrifice and effort.
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>> my pen keeps breaking. he is ready to hulk it out. don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes on
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed over in the "red eye" news desk. >> welcome back. >> a good weekend. >> it was a good weengd. >> hillary did some coughing,
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tom. >> she did. >> i decided we need is a name for the scandal. it is called need some water-gate. >> that's good. >> and it is possible that philip put a curse on her. the only people who will get that have watched "the devil's advocate" as many times as i have. tom you asked if antihistamines help with a brain tumor. a fair question. it turns out they do not despite dr. sam saying it brings down swelling. that is not good medical advice. >> i'll double check that. >> i wish you would have seen the look on kt's face when you made the lewinski joke. >> that's two people on the same level connecting. >> when you watch the tape
12:34 am
later you may adjust. >> what movie did the alien get a cold? >> shouldn't you be telling me that? >> it is bacteria or something, right? >> it is not quite the same thing. >> you thought tim kaine stepped up to help hillary and a gentleman would have done that. i don't know what century you think this is, but men do not help women anymore. >> don't you think that might be the problem? >> i think you may be right. >> i think you are not wrong about that. the thing is you have trump hammering her on not having stamina. she can't do that he is in her head, baby. >> it will be huge. when hillary said she will come back you said you think
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she'll come back. she did not. >> what? that's a bummer. p.. >> trump said he would have left china. you never heard of ass of the plane. it is a highly technical term. sam you said the president shouldn't have left, but sat on the plane until the chinese rolled out the red carpet stairs. in all seriousness does that look as bad as exiting on the bad stairs? >> no that is way better. you are being stubborn. i will be treated as i see fit. >> we are childish? >> a little bit, but you the man. not only do you play their game, but you win it. >> kt, a similar question. they should have given him 30 minutes.
12:36 am
would leaving have made him look petty? i don't have an opinion. i am curious as to yours. >> we would think that in our western conception. but he was in china and by standing up for the due respect that the united states deserves he would not have looked incon sequential and not petty. he would have looked at somebody insisting on the rights and due respect the country deserves. trust me, if it was reversed he would not have gotten off. and putin? he would have had guns shooting out the side. >> i think the way to deal with them is to laugh at them. he could have said well i guess they had a problem with their stairs and they couldn't get them to work. >> they don't have that sense of humor. most people don't.
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>> kt, i believe we give the cash dash we believe millions in foreign aid. >> that's a lot of money that could have been negotiated. i think that apology is coming faster if somebody pointed that out. >> i do think it is a great line. >> you said something i could not believe. >> osama bin laden said it best. >> really? >> in that case, yes. >> the school may get rid of valedictorians. it is not true when you first talked about it you were on the school side, and remember you are under oath. >> i pitched it as a way to talk about maybe -- >> please answer the question yes or no.
12:38 am
>> i was looking for an interesting angle. >> is it not true that at some unspecified time between then and the show you changinged your mind or perhaps your mind was changed for you? is it also true that in that time you had a piece written by todd starnes in which he called this the trophy syndrome? in short, sir, dowdy. your opinion was swayed by -- roll tape, please. >> ♪ that's the power of starnes ♪ ♪ that's the power of starnes ♪ >> no further questions. >> you said the world is going to the people who coast. the millennials will be the first not to accomplish anything that's h. that's a cheap shot, isn't it?
12:39 am
>> i councilled many millennial women and i found a lot of them are goal oriented. >> they are goal oriented when they speak. not a lot is accomplished. i met a lot of millennial women and they like to talk about how many goals they have. millennial guy rtz same -- guys are the same way. >> can we get a shot of diana shakinger head. >> are we looking for an excuse to say goodbye? >> you two are so close. >> lastly, kt, sam said everyone shows up everyone gets c's. hillary clinton would not know what the grades meant, am i right? >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up,ly gnaw is talking
12:40 am
about o'dell beckham, junior and i'm sure it means a lot to o'dell. first, kennedy is back. >> good morning, "red eye." on the next "kennedy" i will trick tom shillue into appearing on my program. and if -- it is the return of judge napolitano.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie
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ibanez. homicides in chicago net a 20-year high and soaring past 500 this year alone during the labor day weekend. 13 out of the 65 people shot during the holiday weekend died from their wounds. police are attributing those shootings to gang activity. rahm emanuel calling for stiffer laws. president obama is pledging to help the nation build relations with the u.s. the firg president to visit the nation bombed by the u.s. during the vietnam war to help cutoff communist forces. he is pledging $90 million to help clean up the bombs throughout the country. he hopes his visit during a summit of southeastern asian nations help to counter china's dominance in the region. the defense department said the navy ships coming under harassment. a coastal patrol ship was followed by and cutoff by several iranian vessels not responding to radio calls. they did not point any weapons
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to the u.s. patrol they will take more actions of the missal tests. china and their influence over north korean leader kim young -- kim jun gf un. and jacob westerly was ab duckedded. he molested the boy and then killed him and buried his remains in a field. he confessed as part of a plea agreement. the new york attorney general wants the -- wants to know about the high cost of the epi-pen. now back to "red eye." >> lena done ham is
12:46 am
apologizing about o'dell beckham, junior. they were tablemates in may. dunham described the encounter with him. i was sitting next to o'dell beckham, junior and it was like he looked at me and he determined i was not the shape of a woman by his standards. he was like, that's a marshmellow and that's a child and that's a dog. it wasn't mean. he just seemed confused. the vibe was very much like do i want to "t it." it is wearing a tuxedo. i am going to go back to my cell phone. rather than having to look at a woman in a bow tie. posted on instagram, i owe o'dell beckham an apologize. i struggle with the sense that i don't rep a certain standard
12:47 am
of beauty. when i show up it is hard not to feel like a sack of flaming garbage. but i made totally narcissistic assumptions about what he was thinking and then presented them as fact. i feel terrible about it. >> not terrible enough to be brief with her statement. >> lena likes to be the voice of women and tries to empower them. in doing so she disempowered another human being by what psychologistses call transfer wrens. we don't know why he wasn't talking. maybe he is socially awkward or maybe he was playing mobile strike on his phone. we don't know. it is not her place to go assume what someone else is thinking or feeling. >> look, she apologized. she is sincere. >> first of all her apology
12:48 am
was boring. it sounded like she was the value law district for yen of -- the valedictorian of her class. >> i went to the kanye west concert. i found out kim kardashian was in the building. not once did she make an overature to have sex with me and i was upset and blasted her for it. i would like to apologize to kim kardashian for thinking you didn't want to have sex with me because we were both at the garden. >> what do you think? >> she is a horrendous human being. she is 10 horrible -- she is so horrible that she says these things. she is like a sociopath. this guy -- people these days say literally. he literally did nothing to her.
12:49 am
he was minding his own business and she dumped all of this stuff on him. meanwhile she is talking about she wanted to go back to grinding on the actor and even her uh poll ski. i circled every time she talked about herself of do we have that? look at the i and my. >> it is worse than obama's speech jievment it is amazing. >> it is all about her. everyone is an object in her world. it is disgusting. >> you do your homework. >> if he would make a statement i hope it would be who is this lady? beckham watches "girls"? come ohe doesn't -- come on, he doesn't know who she is. >> she can't have a private conversation in a public newsletter. >> we have all felt insecure. my advice is when you are in a situation like that it is not
12:50 am
all about you. start asking questions. by the end of the night he would have thought she was a genius. hi, what do you do? really? how interesting. >> how to win friends. why did a wisconsin man collect large breasted mannequins? why does anyone do anything.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" greg johnson and camille foster and michael riedle. >> the man is gone, but his mannequins remain. wisconsin resident mike martin died recently and left behind his collection of 60 life sized dolls. the man kins are being -- mannequins mannequins are being auctioned off on-line and you may have noticed something special about them. >> hen -- heen larged some of the breast on them. accentuated. he accentuated all of the mannequins in someway. >> that was the head of the auction house. he doesn't think it is strange to collect large breasted mannequins each with different
12:55 am
outfits. >> it is no different than collecting thunder birds or bicycles. >> what did his wife think? >> it was his hobby. his wife didn't mind it at all. >> yeah, his wife was teet low cool with it. it was late in life and you come upon a hobby. this was his. what is wrong with it? >> the only thing -- number one the reason his wife didn't mind it was because she wasn't getting touched by him anymore. >> remember this man has died. >> thank god and number two the reason it is not a healthy hobby is because i bet -- i don't have the data to back me up, but if you did a comparison to the people who collect mannequins like this versus people who collect human torsos and carcasses you would probably match them up. he is a grave robber.
12:56 am
>> these were not sex dolls. by all accounts they were decorations in the home. >> they were just friends. it goes until september 8th and i could go incognito and see who the creepy person is who will be buying the dolls. we can get rid of them for society. the who whole thing wants me to have a bath. >> kt, -- >> it is just like the old saying that life sized busty mannequins are like potato chips. you can't just have one. the breasts are nice, but i think they are fake. >> yeah, they probably rvment and/or based on other -- they say he augmented them using bondo which makes me wonder if there is one with a gray boob when somebody doesn't physical
12:57 am
the chevy completely. it is like, oh never got around to it. >> kt, so many roberts, joe devito and diana fall zone. see you next time.
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more than a gun. >> special report is next. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. federal investigators uncover an alleged russian plot to infiltrate the u.s. election through cyber space. while the presidential race tightens in the final push to election day. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a tightening presidential race with a background of growing concerns about russian efforts to sow serious doubt in the u.s. election. whatever warning president obama might have given president putin may not have had much effect yet. one day after


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